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May 9,2014. Spring is here and thunderstorms are in the forecast. Won't be long till Eastern Idaho is the target for severe weather. We had a slight risk from the SPC last month and I thought I would be chasing, but storms were just way to weak to warrant a chase. Our Last frost/freeze is coming up and before we know it, warm temps will be a daily trend, eventually transitioning to our HOT summer. This is all good because we need warm weather to help destabilize the environment. I am not sure what is in store for 2014. A very strong EL NINO is getting started and we should see that by Fall. Eastern Idaho typically see's warmer weather with average precipitation during El Nino events. As for Spring and Summer 2014 goes, as long as we don't get stuck under a massive ridge of High Pressure, all should be set for decent weather events. I will be chasing as much as possible. Any severe weather event during the day or Lightning event as night is a must for me. By the way, Did you come to my website cause you saw my website on my Car? If you did, let me know when and were you saw it. Hoping to get some new followers from Eastern Idaho. If that is you, Welcome to my website. My youtube channel has all my latest videos. Be sure and click the Banner to the left or the Menu link on top. Lots and lots of footage there for you to see from Eastern Idaho since 2006. Follow along as I experience severe weather and also travel abroad to see the sights. When severe weather is low, I will be traveling to see wildlife, scenery and more. Stay Tuned. I am updating this page with my recent videos on youtube. I think you guys will enjoy them. I highly suggest you click the facebook link so you can follow my every move. My blog is basically being neglected on here due to social networks. It is much easier to update via my social networks than logging into my blog. That doesn't mean that my blog has come to an end. I will still update every now and then. I am happy to announce that I have recieved a new HD camcorder with the help of advertising funds from the website and youtube. My collection is slowly getting better and better. Visit the Youtube link above or see the recent videos from below which will be updated. NOTE TO VIEWERS--- I truly appreciate everyone that stops by my website to check out where I have been and what I have seen. Your viewership means the world to me. Thanks for stopping by.
-Gerrit Gulden.

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